Wishlist: what to get a photographer?

Wishlist: what to get a photographer?

My birthday is coming up – hint, hint, the 3rd of April – and I've made a list of what you can gift to an analogue photographer based on my own cravings.

Most photographers use a fixed developer, but they would also like to try out specialized developers, that give better results with certain films. I've been using Kodak's D76 for my last 8 rolls and I'm ready to use a new developer. I got some Microdol-X from someone, but I'm also curious to see the results of other developers.


I just purchased an original Nikon 49mm yellow filter. These are needed to produce more intense skies in black and white photography. Casually query your target on the use of filters and try to find out which he or she is missing.

Just like developer a photographer also wants to use or tryout different film. Go with something esoteric like Cinestill, Pan-F or Rollei Retro. Just one more professional roll of film will also be appreciated.


Canned compressed air
Dust and particles are the greatest villains of scanning your own film negatives. In order to minimize dust on the scanner glass and around the negatives photographers use cans of compressed air to get rid of it. It makes scanning your negatives a much nicer experience.


Measuring beaker
When you develop your own films 500ml is the standard amount of developer to use for single 120 rolls. Having a 600ml beaker makes it easy then to measure the correct amount of liquids. I currently own a 250ml measuring beaker, so I'm winging the other 250ml straight from the bottle. Measuring precise amounts is better. Can't beat the Paterson brand for quality film equipment.


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