Insecurities of light metering

Insecurities of light metering

This queensday in the Netherlands I was fortunate to buy a Sekonic lightmeter for around a buck. I had no use for it then, but since I began shooting with the Yashica 635 it suddenly became an essential piece of kit. The Yashica 635 mediumformat camera has no metering at all and relies on manual settings from beginning to end. You can't even set ISO on the camera. There's only a 'reminder' ISO dial to remind the photographer what kind of film was inserted. Having dropped off my first film of Kodak Tri-X ISO400 ever I am suddenly quite nervous if I metered my photos correctly. The last photos were taken with F/8 and 1/250 for example, which seems like a fast speed for our dreary Dutch weather. I metered with the old Sekonic near the wall where the light would bounce against it. I even turned the Sekonic multiple ways, but the metering didn't differ much.

I'll take a photo of my Sekonic lightmeter to show what I've done. In the meantime I found this wonderfully illustrated blog entry about other Sekonic lightmeters and metering.

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Arne Kuilman

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