Pushing Ilford FP4+

Pushing Ilford FP4+

Enticed by this nice link by 'professor' Agar I decided to try my hand at pushing a film. This involves shorter exposure and 25% longer development times for each stop. Since I stopped the Ilford FP4+ only by a single stop I added 25% more development time. I'm still using the free Microdol-X I got from friends and it seems to work fine with FP4+. Normal development time for 120 film is 15 minutes, so I added 4,5 minutes for a total of 19,5 minutes.

I added even more of a curve in Photoshop here to darken the blacks to accentuate the bull.

When you're pushing your film for rich shadows it's still important to meter for the shadows or they'll fill up like the badge on this dive helmet.

With the last image I'm still struggling to get more seperation from the foreground and the background. It's a little too muddled for me now. With better control of light or angles more could have been had from this nice image.

The rest of the photos from this experiment can be found on my Flickr stream.

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