Kodak SO-331 and FT-12 high contrast film

Kodak SO-331 and FT-12 high contrast film

Kodak used to have a film called SO-331. The SO designates 'Special order' so it was already a special film in it's time. This high contrast intermediate film gives deep blacks and hard whites. Just the way I like them. Since this film isn't available anymore I've been looking for alternatives. Eastman SO-331 High Contrast Intermediate Panchromatic Film has no rating, so it's advisable to shoot it between ISO 25 and ISO 100.

A high contrast film will mean your blacks will be black and your whites will be whites. Short development will leave detail in the shadows, but longer development will yield darker blacks and more development in the highlights (sky).

It seems Nick and Trick in the U.K. are offering FT-12. Also an ISO50 film, that produces high contrast. SO-331 and FT-12 really like stand development such as Rodinal for 45 minutes (not sure of ratio here from Nik and Trick). I also found a recipe Rodinal 1:100 for 60min at 20°c.


The Film Photography Project, where I've ordered film in the past seems to have run out of SO-331.


Photo courtesy of Roberto Novicini


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