Ozeck info

Ozeck info

I purchased an 28mm Ozeck Super II lens with a Minolta X-500. I'd never heard of the Ozeck brand before, so I googled some info on it. This brand was mainly sold in England in the 80's by the Comet group, which had extensive window-shopping stores in British highstreets.

Ozeck lenses were produced by the Ozone Optical Company Ltd. in Japan.

Ozone Optical Company, Ltd. was a Japanese manufacturer of photographic equipment best known for Ozunon lenses. The company was named for founder Kazuo Ozone. In addition to manufacturing lenses under their own Ozunon brand name, they also manufactured lenses for export and 3rd party distribution by companies such as Vivitar Soligor and Hanimex. The 1985 Camerart Photo Trade Directory has a listing for the company.

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