Agfa Solinette

Agfa Solinette

Agfa Solinette (1952-1955)

Every now and then there's a camera that tickles my fancy. I came across the Agfa Solinette in a great exhibition of cameras used by famous Dutch photographers. Modern photographers had taken photos with the same cameras and the results were shown together in an exhibition space. The pictured version has a MetraPhoto lightmeter attached with a booster cell. This was sold at an auction for a fair price, but I wasn't in the country to bid on it…

The Agfa Solinette and Super Solinette were current in the mid-fifties and, although the external finish is sometimes in poor condition, the mechanism and optics have usually stood the test of time very well.

"The Solinette is a modern miniature camera of an attractive and smart appearance. The camera is designed to take the standard miniature cassettes for 18, 20 or 36 pictures on 35 mm. film (size 24 x36 mm.), black-white or colour film (Agfacolor)."

There's a standard Solinette, with a good-quality 50mm f/3.5 Apotar lens and Prontor SV or SVS shutter and there was a more expensive version sporting a Solinar 50mm f/3.5 lens. This model had a Synchro Compur RMXV shutter with V meaning a selftimer. The Super Solinette looked similar, apart from its having two 'windows' in the top-plate for its coupled rangefinder and it was equipped with the four-element 50mm f/3.5 Solinar lens in a Synchro Compur shutter.

Technical details
Maker Agfa - Kamerawerk AG, München
Type Solinette
Introduction 1952
Last year 1955
Filmtype 135 film, 24 x 36 mm
Lens Agfa Solinar 3,5/50 (probably 4 lenses in 3 groups als a Tessar)
Aperture 3,5 - 22
Focus 1m to infinity
Focusing Manual
Mount Fixed on camera
Filter M 26,5 x 0,5
Shutter speeds 1s to 1/300s and B. Prontor-SVS
Lightmeter No
Flash Standard Flash without center contact; PC-Buchse, X- and V-synchronous choice
Selftimer Around 12 seconds
Size 128 x 84 x 42,5 mm (closed) and 128 x 84 x 88 mm (ready)
Weight 500 Grams
Features Double exposure protection, choice of film selector
Notes Eccentric non-standard tripod mount; Filmcounter doesn't reset automatically; Manual shutter cocking, not through winding

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The Solinar lens is the one to get